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Why choose us?!

Carly Williams invented the first laser training program in 2015 and creating a license with the Office of Higher Education. Many employers trust us and our students with the network and longevity of our school which makes it easier for our students to gain quality careers. Medspa Institute is the only all-in-one clinical skincare career college that solely gives you the opportunity to grow in this field of Aesthetics. We are innovative and teach you the techniques of 2021. There is really no other school out there like us. Whether you are a beginner or looking to advance your skincare license there are so many avenues you can take here at this Institute. The beauty of being at a school that does not offer Cosmetology or nails is that there is 100% attention to the skincare programs and less people in the building. There is not a hair teacher teaching skin and with our 4 different programs the most people we would ever have in the entire school is 40. Which makes it easier for our teachers to have relationships with the students and assure nobody is left behind. Even though our company is widely known we are a small family owned company. Our teachers have heaps of actual skincare experience from their careers such as dermatology offices, Plastics, Spas and Medspa. Also most of our teachers have owned their own salon at one point or still do. Having a doctor owner, and one that is so involved, gives the school and students more opportunity! We look forward to getting to know you and helping you change your life! Check out Dr Tholen's video below, it is extremely informational!

Mission Statement

Medspa Institute of America is dedicated to educating and inspiring students to achieve success. We do this through providing the most up-to-date technologies and treatments. We are committed to our students' success by offering them the tools and network they need to become top in their field and through continuing support in their careers.

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