Frequently Asked Questions

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Due to a large amount of inquires we go through an application process to make sure this is a mutually a good fit! We invite you in for a school tour so we can get to know you and your goals and determine what courses will benefit you and your family! During your tour you will see our state of the training facility, receive tuition and payment plan options, and meet the experienced medical skincare teachers! We pride ourselves in having all the latest equipment and staying current on the latest trends and technologies. Some of our teachers are trainers for medical skincare companies! If you are out of state you may set up a phone consult for a "out of state" program!We look forward to helping you improve your life and create a stress free career!

Email or call for tour!

What are the hours of the school?

9-4:30 Mon - Fri, Lasers, Injection, and Microblading can come in Saturdays for Intern appointments

Who is eligible to take this course?

Anyone with their GED can take our Laser, CPR, and Microblading courses. For our Injection courses you must have a medical background (RN, NP, MD). Anyone with GED can take our Esthetics course and you must hold your esthetics or cosmetology license to take APE.

How many students are in each class?

We prefer to keep our classes intimate and take no more than 10 students per class.

What jobs can I get with Esthetics?

A regular spa that only does facials and waxing, keep in mind many jobs want you to have your advanced practice license.

What jobs can I get with Advanced Practice Esthetics?

With your AP license you are still under the cosmetology board and not yet medical. Jobs you can get are spas or salons that offer facials, microneedling, peels etc. It is hard to get into doctors offices without laser training.

What jobs can I get with Laser Certification?

Plastic surgeons, Medical Spas (medspas), Dermatologist offices

What jobs can I get with injectable training?

A lot of nurses start their own business with a MD. But you could work for a doctor or medspa, nurses keep in mind you have to build your own clientele the doctor does not provide you people.

What jobs can I get with Microblading?

Most people rent a suite after!

Helpful tips

- Combining 2 of these skills is highly recommended. For example, (RN and Injections) or (AP Esthetics and Lasers) or (CMA and Lasers) or (Microblading and Lash tech)

-Microblading is highly needed in MN

-Keep in mind many companies have the word "Medspa" in their name but are not truly a Medspa. Make sure to always check their menu for services and see if they have a doctor owner to be a true Medical Spa.

- Learning lasers on the job is a myth and usually is told by someone who has never done laser. It is very hard for your employer to cover you under insurance if you do not have a real school licensed certificate.

- understanding the 2 different skincare worlds of salon/spa world and medical skincare world, they are 2 very different jobs, pays and networks. Having just your esthetics and AP esthetics you are still stuck in that spa/salon side. Adding lasers to your degree can triple your income!

What will I be recognized as after this course?

Laser Course = Certified and Licensed Laser Technician

CPR = Certified in CPR, AED, and First Aid

Injections = Certified in Cosmetic Injections

38 Hour Lash Course = Licensed Lash Technician

Esthetics Course = Licensed Esthetician

APE = Licensed Advanced Practice Esthetician

Do you offer job placement once students graduate?

We do not specifically place you in a job but we give you the tools to go out and find what's best for you. We provide our student with a list of MedSpa's, Dermatologists, and Plastic Surgeons offices in the Twin Cities area and encourage them to reach out on their own. Our employment rate is extremely high!

Do you offer financial aid?

Yes! We look forward to assisting you!